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ZEBRA MEDIA is a media focused outfit that offers media solutions and services to various private and government organisations. It currently publishes, the leading city paper in Nigeria’s federal capital, THE ABUJA TIMES, along-side various other print and online magazines and newspapers. Zebra media also houses television platforms and programs. It comprises media professionals trained in top-tier institutions all around the world.

Our Ventures

THE ABUJA TIMES is a free City Newspaper that serves as a city informer and guide. It is the Leading city paper in Abuja (Nigeria) and serves as a medium through which businesses, individuals and organizations reach and inform the inhabitants of the City/State. It provides up to date local news, as well as detailed information on events, people and destinations within the city. The publication has grown to be recognized as the most circulated free newspaper in the Federal Capital Territory.

THE COSMOCRAT is a culture and lifestyle publication that targets the upwardly mobile African elite. These individuals are typically highly educated and tend to frequently fly from Lagos/Accra/Johannesburg/Nairobi to multiple destinations across the globe. These global citizens love exotic cars, bespoke tailoring and all the trappings of success. They also enjoy deep stimulating conversations that present previously unexplored viewpoints.

The publication contains insightful articles on a plethora of topics from business to society & culture. It also covers interesting destinations, luxury trappings/toys, high-profile events and key personalities.

AfriBizTV is an online television platform that sheds light on the initiatives of business and finance related organisations within Africa, as well as the vast resources and opportunities that lie within the continent. The channel profiles key sectors, industries, businesses and captains of industry within the continent at large.

It also serve’s as a one-stop-shop for Investors and businessmen searching for Information on government policies and initiatives geared towards business promotion as well as general information on markets and opportunities within the continent. The platform will enable organisations/authorities interact with and engagingly inform the public on a continuous basis. The aim is to help the viewers get a sense of the economic direction and efforts of the countries concerned, as well as their key players.

THE WEST AFRICAN is a monthly regional newspaper aimed at extending the scope of visibility towards ECOWAS institutional activities as well as highlighting information and developments pertinent to the rapid growth of the ECOWAS region. It constitutes of relevant news which is disseminated amongst ECOWAS citizens in efforts to promote citizen sensitization and involvement within the context of ECOWAS Vision 2020.