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Zebra Brands is an FCMG (fast moving consumer goods) company. It develops and facilitates the entry of products/brands into the Nigeria market. Zebra’s in-depth local knowledge of consumer buying patterns and market idiosyncrasies puts it in a good position to effectively administer market penetration strategies for brands/products it houses. Zebra also possesses an extensive distribution network made up of a pool of strong distribution partners.

Due to Zebra’s deep knowledge of the Nigerian market, we are able to set up special distribution solutions that are tailored to fit each specific brand/product we house. Each product has a unique target market, as such requires a specially tailored distribution network to adequately reach these clusters of consumers. In Nigeria, regional market comprehension is critical. Our experience demonstrates that most market participants are unable to have cross-regional market exposure in the country. However to counter this, efforts are made by these market participants to deeply entrench their local dominant position in their respective regions. This has been a key challenge for new brands that take on the services of certain local distributors.

Zebra’s solution is to set up a structure where we search within our pool of distribution partners and identify the most suitable for each specific region of Nigeria, we then come up with a distribution structure where each region is handled by the distribution partner with the most knowledge and access to that region. This way we ensure the products we bring into the market get the most efficient distribution network, thereby increasing market access.